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Overseas wedding session

On overseas wedding session we create stunning images which tell your unique story.

Photography sessions abroad were once associated with an exclusive and expensive part of wedding photography. Today, fortunately, times have changed and photoshoots abroad or in remote parts of Europe and World are available for all newlyweds.
A lot of websites provide information about deals and cheap flights; if we plan session in advance, we have a good chance of purchasing tickets for even few dozen EUR for flights in Europe. European cities such as Paris, Venice, Barcelona, Marseille, London or Berlin are available for little money and offer a lot of beautiful locations for pictures.

We can also rent a car for few euros and visit some beautiful places. I travel a lot so I am more than happy to recommend several beautiful locations that will fit you.
If you are planning your dream honeymoon trip, you should consider taking a photographer with you for a day or two, who will take beautiful wedding photographs in amazing outdoor sceneries. These images will make a unique memento for years.

For more details and offer please contact me.

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