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Wedding photographer F.A.Q.

What is your wedding photography style?
I would describe my wedding photography style as natural relaxed and pretty, lots of light with soft colours.
I like to include a good mixture of natural reportage photography with couples portraits, group shots and details – giving the best view of your day. Please do check out my gallery section for lots of wedding photographs.

We would like a few groups shots too.
Even when you are looking for natural documentary photography, it’s fine to have some group shots. Weddings are important milestones when families come together and these photographs will become the historical documents of the future. I suggest just a few though, (half a dozen or so is great) as they take up time that you could be enjoying with your guests. Nobody likes hanging around for ages so I’ll make it fun and quick so everyone can get back to the party.

We have a candle-lit ceremony in winter. Can you work in low light?
Yes, definitely. If there is enough light to see, then there is enough for me to take photos – and maintain my unobtrusiveness without using flash. The latest professional camera sensors and fast lenses with the best light-gathering ability and knowing how to use them to their best effect, make it possible to capture the atmosphere of the scene without destroying it with a blast of flash

Could we order an album at a later date?
You can order an album at any time after the wedding. In fact this is what most of my couples do.

What i you are unable to make it due to illness or something?
It has never happened, but of course there is always a chance. Luckily I am part of several networks of great photographers and I would do everything possible to find you a replacement who works in a similar style, even at short notice.

We’re having a videographer too.
That’s great. I’m really happy working with videographers and film-makers. I can even recommend some.

Ok, we would like to book – what do we do now?
Head over to the contact page to let me know and I’ll send you the contract. There is a 500€ booking fee payable which secures the date for you. When I’ve received the signed contract and booking fee then the day is reserved for you and any further enquiries for the date are turned down. The balance is payable one month before the date of the wedding. We will stay in touch periodically between now and the wedding date, and consult by email week before locations, final timings, and any other details.

I’ve got a question you haven’t answered here.
Just email me!